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Common Questions about Back Pain

Posted on 05-22-2018

At Molloy Chiropractic, we treat many patients who suffer back pain. At our holistic healing center, our staff will answer all your questions and show you how chiropractic care offers an alternati...

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Neck Pain Relief in Vernon Hills

Posted on 03-12-2018

Having neck pain every once in awhile normally is not a cause for concern. However, when you have pain on a regular basis, especially if it becomes more severe, it can prevent you from playing spo...

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Herniated Disc Diagnosis and Treatment

Posted on 03-08-2018

 A herniated disc, also known as a ruptured disc or slipped disc, refers to a medical problem with the vertebral discs within the spine. Spinal discs help provide structure to the spine....

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Whiplash and Neck Pain Treatment in Vernon Hills

Posted on 03-05-2018

At Molloy Chiropractic Center Inc. we treat whiplash and neck strain caused by sports injuries, car accidents, and falls. If you have recently suffered an impact your neck and need treatment, our ...

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Diagnosis and Treatment of TMJ

Posted on 02-26-2018

When you have pain in your jaw, it can be caused by a condition known as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. This disorder occurs due to problems with one or both of these joints, which connec...

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